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Bring your battlefields and RPGs to life with 3D printed terrain! The Blacksmith Set, designed by Black Scrolls Games and 3D printed by Laser Craft Workshop, depicts a large house with outdoor forge and roofed workshop. The exterior of the two-story domicile displays a raised worked stone foundation underneath the timber framed walls. Age or war has damaged the walls in places and others show signs of repair. The roof consists of rough wooden shakes. The forge is shown filled with fuel, paint it dark for unlit or reds and oranges when fired up. The building possesses large diamond pane windows and dormers for light and ventilation. The smaller shop, ground level is floored with stone. Upstairs living space has a trap door access and finished wood floor.

The Blacksmith's Set rests on an "L" shaped base. One leg of the "L" measures 8-1/2 inches and the other at 7-1/4 inches. The assembled building stands 7-1/4 inches tall.

The Blacksmith Set is 3D printed in 7 distinct pieces and requires assembly. The model uses Black Scroll Games hinge system and may be used without glue. The base is a single piece. The second floors is composed of 4 including the forge roof. The house roof, meanwhile, is two pieces. Only the first and second floors are playable.

The 3D printed terrain, The Blacksmith Set, is made under license with Black Scrolls Games. Our 3D printed terrain is made from PLA with 0.15-layer height for high resolution and superb quality.

UPC 613072915389