City of Firwood: Medium House

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Expand the locations for your RPG or miniatures game with the City of Firwood’s Medium House. A creation of STL Miniatures and manufactured by Laser Craft Workshop, the Medium House contains incredible detail, playable space, and innovative design. The house contains a multitude of details for the painter with heavy stone supports, fitted stone, or brick ground floor exteriors, and support timbers. On the upper floor details change to half-timber frame construction and tiled roof. The structure contains a multitude of smaller wood framed windows, aged finished interior walls, and a flush fireplace.

In addition to being highly detailed, the City of Firwood line contains multiple innovations to make assembly a snap. The hinge system utilizes a peg and slot connector down the entire height of the wall. This keeps the building from separating if the table is bumped or a long, sturdy connection for gluing them together. The door frame utilizes the same hinge system with a separate lintel above the door posts. The door and frame are preprinted with pegs which easily fit into place. Once assembled, the door swings with no additional work. And at last, each window has a slot at the top or bottom of the wall. You may insert thin plastic card into these slots to give your home actual windows instead of empty frames.

The Medium House is 3D printed in 11 components; 2 ground floors, 2 second story floors, 3 roof pieces, 2 doors, and 2 lintels. The assembled building covers 9-1/4 by 6-1/4 inches in an L shape. The completed home stands just over 10 inches tall. The ground floor has 1-7/8 inches of clearance inside for hiding miniatures from your players. While the second floor is much shorter, the tall open roof pieces provide plenty of space for larger miniatures.

The 3D printed terrain the Medium House – City of Firwood, is made under license with STL Miniatures. Our 3D printed terrain is made from PLA with 0.15 layer height for high resolution and superb quality. Sales do not include STL files, physical product only. Figures and terrain shown for scale purposes only.

UPC 613072915747