Drennheim Alchemist Workshop

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Bring your RPG and tabletop wargames into the glory of a fantastical Renaissance with our 3D printed terrain piece, Drennheim Alchemist Workshop. Created by Wonder Worlds and manufactured by Laser Craft Workshop, the Drennheim Alchemist Workshop replaces hedge magics with a full-scale manufactory. Built of strong fitted stone blocks the workshop encompasses two levels with a large furnace, escribed enchanting circle, interior overlook of the furnace space, and diamond pane windows throughout. Roofing includes the unique scale style tiling and metal stakes along the roof beams. 

The Alchemist Workshop covers 7 by 8-1/2 inches of tabletop and stands 9 inches tall. It breaks down into three pieces, two playable levels and the roof, varying between 2 to 4 inches tall.

The 3D printed terrain, Drennheim Alchemist Workshop, is made under license with Wonder Worlds. Our 3D printed terrain is made from PLA with 0.15-layer height for high resolution and superb quality.

UPC 613072915211