Drennheim Gallows 3

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Bring your RPG and tabletop wargames into the glory of a fantastical Renaissance with our 3D printed terrain piece, Drennheim 3-Drop Gallows. Created by Wonder Worlds and manufactured by Laser Craft Workshop, the Drennheim 3-Drop Gallows provides the final stop for many of Drennheim’s criminal and dissident class. This gallows allows for the simultaneous hanging of 3 prisoners. It has been built with a sturdy stone foundation and strong wooden beams to prevent destruction during an uprising. Welcome to the Last Drop!

The Last Drop Gallows ships in 5 pieces. The main body of the gallows is 3D printed as a single piece. The second part of the gallows is the cross beam which we recommend gluing into place after cleaning. Finally, the gallows include 3 removeable trapdoors.

The 3D printed terrain, Drennheim Last Drop Gallows, is made under license with Wonder Worlds. Our 3D printed terrain is made from PLA with 0.15-layer height for high resolution and superb quality.

UPC 613072915235