Infinite Dimensions: Stables

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Expand the scenery of your RPG or miniatures game with designs inspired by medieval Europe as part of the Wightwood Abbey line. A creation of Infinite Dimensions Games and manufactured by Laser Craft Workshop, the Stables provides shelter to animals and vehicles alike. This single storage structure features a cut stone frame and regular brick or stone walls. In addition to the building itself, two roughly roofed stalls are attached to the ends of the stable. The stables have been left printed without a floor to let the structure better blend into the existing terrain surface. The provided doors may either be pinned into place, making them working doors, or glued in position.

The Stables covers 14 by 4 inches on your tabletop with a height of 6 inches. The walls reach nearly3 inches in height, adequate for most mounted figures, wagons or carriages. The interior roof is hollow allowing the careful placement of larger figures.

The 3D printed terrain the Stables, is made under license with Infinite Dimensions Games. Our 3D printed terrain is made from PLA with 0.15 layer height for high resolution and superb quality. Sales do not include STL files, physical product only. Scaled for 28mm miniatures, figures and terrain shown for scale purposes only.

UPC 613072915631