Small House

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Bring your battlefields and RPGs to life with 3D printed terrain! The Small House, designed by Black Scrolls Games and 3D printed by Laser Craft Workshop, is a narrow multistoried thatched roof home. Exterior details include multiple windows, damaged siding with exposed brickwork, timber reinforcement, thatched roofs, a dormer window, and fieldstone chimney. Inside, the first story is comprised of one long, narrow room. The second floor holds a small upper room for the owner's privacy. The roof undersides include 3D printed detailing of stone, wooden planking, and timber supports.

Assembled, the Small House 8 by 3 and 1/2 inch footprint. Height to the chimney-top is roughly 7 inches. The building breaks down by floor to allow easy interior access and storage. Each of the playable floors stands 2 inches tall with the roof hitting 3 inches.
The 3D printed terrain, The Small House, is made under license with Black Scrolls Games. Our 3D printed terrain is made from PLA with 0.15-layer height for high resolution and superb quality.

UPC 613072915365