Bachelors' Bayou Bundle

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Your boat works its way through the curtains of Spanish Moss and twists of early morning fog. Pole dragging through the thick muck and stirring unwholesome bits to the surface. Soon, the sun will burn off the fog. Soon, you'll be at the wharf offloading the night's run. Very soon now, back among the dock shacks, pole houses, and your home out on Bachelors' Bayou.

This 5 piece bundle includes one each of the following kits;

LCW2205 Bayou Wharf and Dock House

LCW2210 The High House

LCW2215 Parvis' House

LCW2220 Lucias' Hideaway

LCW2225 Crayton House

UPC 613072914214

LCW2205 (2205.pdf, 1,277 Kb) [Download]

LCW2210 (2210.pdf, 1,795 Kb) [Download]

LCW2215 (2215.pdf, 892 Kb) [Download]

LCW2220 (2220.pdf, 1,634 Kb) [Download]

LCW2225 (2225.pdf, 1,387 Kb) [Download]