Colonial Town, 6 Piece Set

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Settle in style with the Colonial Town! This 6 piece set includes one each of our town building. You'll get

Bella, the Town Hall (LCW1106)

Verity, the Pastor's House (LCW1111)

Gemma, the Gentry's Home (LCW1116)

Abitha, the Barn (LCW1121)

Amity, the Shopkeep (LCW1126)

Primrose, the Widow's Cottage (LCW1131)

Designed for 28mm miniatures. Made of sturdy 3mm MDF board. Kits ship unassembled and unpainted.

UPC 613072912937

LCW1106 (1106.pdf, 1,023 Kb) [Download]

LCW1111 (1111.pdf, 647 Kb) [Download]

LCW1116 (1116.pdf, 623 Kb) [Download]

LCW1121 (1121.pdf, 842 Kb) [Download]

LCW1126 (1126.pdf, 936 Kb) [Download]

LCW1131 (1131.pdf, 663 Kb) [Download]