F. A. Q.

Frequently asked Questions and some other information you may find useful.

1) The smell- Laser Cut MDF smells like burnt wood in its raw form. The laser burns the wood as it cuts. Once assembled and painted the smell almost always goes away (actually locked inside the paint). if you plan to leave your models unpainted, we suggest giving them a clear coat with something like Polycrylic. This will allow you to keep the natural wood look, but should eliminate the smell.

2) Dry fit everything first. We make every attempt to be sure our model kits have parts that either only fit one way or fit universally where facing doesn't matter. But we do realize that it may be possible to assemble something incorrectly. We strongly suggest laying all the pieces and dry fitting as much as possible prior to applying any glue. This will ensure correct assembly and prevent mistakes.

3) Missing parts. If you should happen to be missing a part from one of our kits. contact us at lasercraftworkshopsales@gmail.com We will send a replacement immediately.

4) Painting. These models will take most types of acrylic paints. Apply paint sparingly whenever possible. MDF will soak up moisture and swell if left too wet. Multiple thin coats are better than one really thick coat.

5) Wholesale. Yes we have a wholesale program and offer our products to brick and mortar hobby game stores. Our products are subject to a MAP policy. Please email lasercraftworkshopsales@gmail.com for more information.