Jenash Fantasy Bundle

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Enter the fantasy world of Jenash with our line of detailed half-timber homes, shops, manufacturies, and defenses. Made of sturdy 3mm MDF board. This bundle includes the following sets

LCW1205 Reged's House

2 LCW1215 Large House

2 LCW1220 Small House

2 LCW1230 Town Guard Tower

LCW1210 The Smithy

LCW1225 The Sawmill

UPC 613072914153

LCW1205 (1205.pdf, 513 Kb) [Download]

LCW1210 (1210.pdf, 372 Kb) [Download]

LCW1215 (1215.pdf, 524 Kb) [Download]

LCW1220 (1220.pdf, 494 Kb) [Download]

LCW1225 (1225.pdf, 610 Kb) [Download]

LCW1230 (1230.pdf, 437 Kb) [Download]