3D Printed Dice Tower - Fighter

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The high quality Fighter Dice Tower is just as imposing as any seasoned, high quality Fighter would be... with the battle scars to prove it. Standing atop a rocky base, the Fighter Dice Tower withstands the hordes of time with grace and brute force and only minor damage. The top of the tower sees four claw-like spires ready to fend off any avian which dares to attack, and with a single entry hole, dice will tumble down a long, dark spiral staircase before coming to a stop just outside the roughly hewn entrance in the catch tray.

The Fighter Dice Tower ships in two unpainted pieces and is compatible with standard sizes of dice up to d20 (12mm - 16mm). The Fighter Dice Tower is printed in 28mm scale and stands 8" tall, 6" wide, and 7.75" deep. 

3D printed dice towers are 3D printed with high quality PLA filament at 0.15mm layer height for superb detail. 3D Printed dice towers are ready to paint with your favorite primer and hobby paints.  

3D printed under Fates End Commercial License # ML 149 

UPC 613072915051