3D Printed Dice Tower - Ranger

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The high quality Ranger Dice Tower is a perfect place for the weary ranger to rest between adventures and hunting the monsters that threaten the edges of civilization. Hewn out of stone, the walls are thick enough to fend off attack, and dotted with enough arrowslits to defend the tower should the need arise. A flag waves majestically from atop the roof and a single entry hole in the roof allows the dice to tumble down a stone stairwell into the catch tray at the base of the Ranger Dice Tower.

The Ranger Dice Tower ships in four unpainted pieces and is compatible with standard sizes of dice up to d20 (12mm - 16mm). The Ranger Dice Tower is printed in 28mm scale and stands 12" tall, 5" wide, and 6" deep.

3D printed dice towers are 3D printed with high quality PLA filament at 0.15mm layer height for superb detail. 3D Printed dice towers are ready to paint with your favorite primer and hobby paints.  

3D printed under Fates End Commercial License # ML 149 

UPC 613072915099