3D Printed Dice Tower - Warlock

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The high quality Warlock Dice Tower looks as if Asmodeus himself has summoned it from the depths of the Nine Hells of Baator. A base as imposing as any 15th level warlock is wrapped in claw-like stalagmites which reach at oblique angels towards the heavens and the top of the tower high above. Rising gracefully into the sky, the tower is a private place where the warlock can continue his thirst for knowledge & power in peace and quiet, should the patron allow a respite from adventuring. At the top of the tower intricate carvings have withstood the test of time and erosion, and wing-like structures give the Warlock Dice Tower a vaguely dragon-esque appearance. A single entry hole in the roof will send the dice tumbling down a narrow, dark spiral staircase before coming to an abrupt stop at the entry to the tower in the catch tray.

The Warlock Dice Tower ships in three unpainted pieces and is compatible with standard sizes of dice up to d20 (12mm - 16mm). The Warlock Dice Tower is printed in 28mm scale and stands 10" tall, 6" wide, and 7" deep.

3D printed dice tower.

3D printed dice towers are 3D printed with high quality PLA filament at 0.15mm layer height for superb detail. 3D Printed dice towers are ready to paint with your favorite primer and hobby paints.  

3D printed under Fates End Commercial License # ML 149 

UPC 613072915129