3D Printed Dice Tower - Sorcerer

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Take a break from the ordinary with 3D printed fantasy themed dice towers designed by Fate's End and manufactured by Laser Craft Workshop! Build atop and through a mystical rock outcropping, the Sorcerer Dice Tower features a large central tower with numerous secondary towers and outbuildings surrounding it. The model features extensive worked and natural stone, peaked tiled roofs, and inlaid details for the painter. Dice are inserted into the roof of the central tower and appear in the walled yard at the rock outcropping's foot.

The Sorcerer 3D printed Dice Tower ships in 3 parts. The baseplate, including a small retaining wall occupies a roughly 6 and 1/2 by 6 inch foot print. The first part of the tower, largely the stone outcrop, fits entirely within the baseplate. For separate storage, the first floor occupies 4 and 1/2 by 6 inches with a 4 inch height. The detailed tower top narrows for a 4 by 6 footprint with a height of 7 inches. Assembled, the dice tower nearly 11 inches tall.

3D printed dice towers are 3D printed with high quality PLA filament at 0.15mm layer height for superb detail. 3D Printed dice towers are ready to paint with your favorite primer and hobby paints.  

3D printed under Fates End Commercial License # ML 149 

UPC 613072915297