Tormented Scatter

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Bring your worlds to life with 3d printed terrain! Designed for miniature gaming, RPGs, and display, this fantastic 3d printed scenery was designed by Printable Scenery Limited and manufactured under license by Laser Craft Workshop.

These sharp upthrust outcrops of bone, stone, and spirit mark the edges of a dark lord’s domain, the depths of a Chaos tainted land, or a spiritual hellscape!

The 12-piece Tormented Scatter 3d printed terrain set comes with 4 distinct styles of twisted stone.  4 pieces are unadorned sharp upthrusts of stone. The next 4 copy the first set, but are adorned with chains, skulls, other skeletal remains. The next three depict offerings to dark gods with piles of skulls constrained by chains. The final piece rises above all the others with giant Phantasmagorical skulls wreathed with smoke and unholy flame!

The Tormented Scatter terrain is composed of various sizes as shown below. Measurements are approximate in inches.

  • Skull spire, 2" round and 6" tall
  • Upthrust tormented rocks range from 3" round and 5" tall down to 1-1/2" round and 3" tall
  • Skull piles, range from 3" round and 3" tall down to 1-1/2" round and 1-1.2" tall

The 3D printed terrain, Tormented Scatter, is made under license with Printable Scenery Limited. Our 3D printed terrain is made from PLA with 0.15 layer height for high resolution and superb quality. Sales do not include STL files, physical product only. Figures and terrain shown for scale purposes only.

UPC 613072915792