Firwood Alchemist House

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Bring your worlds to life with 3d printed terrain! Designed for miniature gaming, RPGs, and display, this fantastic 3d printed scenery was designed by STL Miniatures and manufactured under license by Laser Craft Workshop.

The Firwood Alchemist House is a charming domicile that makes a fine addition to any table top city or town. 3D printed by Laser Craft Workshop and made from PLA with 0.15-layer height for high resolution and superb quality, this Alchemist House consists of 3 pieces: the straw roof, and overgrown base level with an operational front door.

Fully assembled, the house is measured at 17 cm tall and has a floorplan of 14 x 14 cm 

*Models are supplied unpainted and may require light clean-up before paint is applied. Physical product only, does not include stl files.

UPC 613072916003