Colonial Town, 6 Piece Set

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Settle in style with the Colonial Town! This 6 piece set includes one each of our town building. You'll get:

  • Bella, the Town Hall(LCW1106)
  • Gemma, the Gentry's Home (LCW1116)
  • Abitha, the Barn (LCW1121)
  • Amity, the Shopkeep (LCW1126)
  • Primrose, the Widow's Cottage (LCW1131)
  • Verity, The Pastor's House (LCW1111)

Designed for 28mm miniatures. Made of sturdy 3mm MDF board. Kits ship unassembled and unpainted.

UPC 613072912937

LCW1106 (1106.pdf, 1,023 Kb) [Download]

LCW1111 (1111.pdf, 647 Kb) [Download]

LCW1116 (1116.pdf, 623 Kb) [Download]

LCW1121 (1121.pdf, 842 Kb) [Download]

LCW1126 (1126.pdf, 936 Kb) [Download]

LCW1131 (1131.pdf, 663 Kb) [Download]