Amich on High

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Amich on High rests upon four strong pillars of native stone. Some say Amich raised them against a flood. Others that he built many man heights and only now has it sunk to this level. Fewer still know the stones were always there marking the tomb of a a restless wraith. Whether Amich seeks to confine the spirit or leash it, only Amich knows.

Amich on High is a raised house approximately 3-12 inches square with an external stair that changes the base to 3-1/2 by 6 inches. There is 37 mm (~1.5 inches) of clearance between the base and floor. The entire structure stands 6 inches tall. The pillars have etched stone details while the house uses wood plank and tile. Doors, windows and walls are crooked or distressed. The doors and roof are removable to allow interior play. All pieces are cut from sturdy 3mm MDF board. This kit ships unassembled and unpainted.

UPC 613072915013