Casis, the Old Barn

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Every village needs a place for animals to shelter during harsh weather and to gather the harvest. Casis, even as timeworn as it is, still serves this purpose for the inhabitants of the Wicked Forest. Adventurous sorts may find more than goats and barley if they dare.

Home to beasts and harvest the village barn is the single largest structure in the Wicked Forest with a footprint of 7-7/8 by 6 inches and rising 5-1/8 inches into the air. Walls feature laser etched wood planks and the roof detail is tiling. The crooked building has several holes and shifting window & door frames. The doors and roof are removable to allow interior play. The hayloft is also removable to provide better access to the floor. All pieces are cut from sturdy 3mm MDF board. This kit ships unassembled and unpainted.

UPC 613072915020