Abandoned Manor

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Right at home, heh, heh, at the edge of the village or the end of the moors, this fine example of Victorian architecture still stands today. Although rundown, the structure is still sound and would be rehabilitated if it wasn't for that unsavory story... The perfect prop for games investigating Elder Things, hideouts for criminals, or the stage for your next slasher attack.

The building proper is 10 by 4 3/4 inches in dimension with the porch jutting an additional 3 inches. From the ground to the tower tip is 9 & 3/4 inches. Our model features a removable roof, removable turret, removable second story, interior stairs, as well as a number of boarded over windows and damaged features.

UPC 613072914108

LCW2307 (2307_Crumbling_Manor_INSTRUCTIONS.pdf, 1,133 Kb) [Download]