Doyle Manor

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Home to a person of great class and taste, the Doyle Manor stands proudly in the center of a sprawling estate. Is this the home of your rich patron, now mysteriously missing, the center for a league of unusual gentlemen, or the lair of some undead fiend? Doyle Manor will feature in game after game.

The manor's foot print is 5 by 8 & 1/2 inches and reaches 11 & 1/4 at the top of the garret without taking the porch stairs or tower. All roofs and the second story are removable letting you play with your entire building. Details include etched floors, decorated windows and sturdy interlocking construction.

UPC 613072914122

LCW2301 (2301_Victorian_A_INSTRUCTIONS.pdf, 2,191 Kb) [Download]