The Behemoth - Bucket Wheel Excavator

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The Behemoth specializes in large scale resource extraction and wholesale terrain clearing for new construction. Consequently, you can find Behemoths in active use, or quietly mothballed, nearly anywhere in known space. In a pinch, the Bucket Wheel can take truck sized chunks out of unfriendly Titans and Kaiju.

The Behemoth's two working arms are balanced and together are over 18 inches long with a free spinning Bucket Wheel. The working platform is 8 and 1/2 by 6 and 1/2 inches and can accommodate 32mm based figures. The crew compartment lifts off of the platform to let you place your crew inside. The compartment can be placed facing in one of eight directions which changes the facing of the Wheel as well. At just over 11 inches tall, the Behemoth will dominate any battlefield or diorama.A separate ladder is provided to access the work platform. it may be placed on any side.

This model is designed for use with 28mm figures.

UPC 613072914085

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